Enlightened Brand Ventures:

A Venture Production Studio.

Enlightened Brand Ventures, has a modern and well-informed outlook, combined with a successful blueprint for combining elements and assembling parts, for the production of brands and ventures. 

We pull business ideas from within our own network of resources and assign internal teams to develop them (engineers, advisors, business developers, sales managers, etc.) We develop many systems, models, or projects at once and then build separate companies around the most promising ones by assigning operational resources and capital to those portfolio companies.

In its most basic form, EBV is a holding company that owns equity in the various corporate entities it helps create. We, however, are much more operational and hands-on than holding companies: We raise capital, work with legal teams, build out products, hire business development managers, design business models, and most importantly run very effective marketing campaigns during pre- and post-launch phases.

We employ a new approach to building startups, and this approach has paid off. Our portfolio of highly successful companies have obvious differences in their business models, they also have significant characteristics in common. They use shared resources to launch solutions that then operate independently.

EBV builds powerful networks and ecosystems from which resources can be instantly pulled. We operate in a sharing economy. Analysts and thought leaders define the sharing economy as a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade, and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations.

Our company sees itself as a bootstrapped startup that applies Lean Startup principles such as process management, validated learning, iteration, and innovation accounting to the venture building process. We act as a collective that allows seasoned entrepreneurs from within our network to share resources.

We are gifted entrepreneurs and savvy business developers who don’t simply pour money into ventures and watch them grow. We implement aggressive business management techniques that benefit all the ventures that are part of our network.